This software is still in development, the pictures previewed are from the old version. It can be found at
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A digitalized registration system

integrated with your erp system

Visual Registration is a smaller management tool that can be integrated with any ERP, contact us for further details about integration.
A great tool to automate the manual processes of registering data like hour registration, deviance, HSEQ.


Easily save time by registering hours by web or mobile app. Transfer to ERP og salary system with integration.


Easily manage and create HMSK template to be filled out in your projects.


Register and handle deviances in an efficient way.


Configure departments and project leads, define your own structure for approving hours, deviances and checklists.

salary & billing

Export or transfer your salary by integrations, create hour types, add on and billing types to automate the process.


Ask us about integrations to your ERP/salary system.


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Based on 40 years of experience

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