Our Solutions

We can improve your efficiency with our cost effective solutions

Digitalisation Planning

We help our clients to develop their digitalization strategy and we deliver in details all the steps the company must take to improve efficiency and save costs in all internal processes

Data Integration

We are partners from a range of companies like Visma and Microsoft and we can deliver from system implementation until integration with other systems like accounting and payroll

Custom Development

For innovative ideas and complex type of systems, we have a full software development team in house that can work close with our customers in all kinds of demands

Our Products

We have developed our own productivity suite for different needs in our customers

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Visual Registration

Register hours, timesheets, checklists and deviances.

Manage your projects, resources, vacation, add-ons and timebank.
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Visual Tracking

Visualize and take fast action over your data.

Integrate different data sources and automate your daily work.
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Visual Document

Improve the work with a new way to organize files

Bring new capabilities to your intensive document work.

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Visual Quality

Visualize your quality processes and procedures easily.

Bring rich content to your employees, customers and quality auditors.
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Visual Management

Fully integrated intranet portal

Integrate all company systems in one portal
Post news about the company

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Ingvald Torblå Avatar

Ingvald Torblå


Rune Torblå Avatar

Rune Torblå

Managing Director

Guilherme Elid Avatar

Guilherme Elid

Project Manager

Rhuan Barreto Avatar

Rhuan Barreto

Technical Manager

Frode Leonhardsen Avatar

Frode Leonhardsen

Full Stack Developer

Åsmund Bu

DevOps Intern

Augusto Amaral Avatar

14K Solid White & Yellow Gold Replacement Single Screw Back for Stud Earrings

Augusto Amaral

Full Stack Developer

Krunal Parvadiya Avatar

Krunal Parvadiya

External Consultant Backend

Amit Kasetiya Avatar

Amit Kasetiya

External Consultant Mobile

Janak Prajapati Avatar

Janak Prajapati

External Consultant Frontend

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